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The German Podcast

The Program where intermediate learners

get better in 20 minutes per day

Be so fluent in German that it leaves everyone impressed: 

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Improve your listening, vocabulary and speak with more confidence in less than 20 minutes per day.

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Get into German culture and habits while boosting your language knowledge.

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Build and improve your

relationships with Germans at work, in private life and other situations.

But at the moment you feel like you are not improving:

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You don't learn a lot more new German vocabulary, at this moment

a nicht verstehen deutsch.png

You still have problems listening and understanding in German when topics are more advanced

woman work learn german_edited.png

You don't really know how you can establish a routine into your busy schedule to get better

a learn german read book.png

You tried things such as reading in German or watching movies, but it didn't help you the way you wanted

deutsch lernen kultur.png

You feel, there is still a lot to learn about Germany to get along better with the culture

learn german frustration_edited.png

You spend time to improve your German, but it is frustrating, right now

Guten Tag! I am Thomas.

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The German Podcast comes with:


100 Podcast episodes  completely in German - 10 minutes long to fit into your busy day to day life


You get the text of each episode written in a PDF - the English translation right next to it 


You get more examples of selected vocabulary in each episode, with more examples


You learn more about German culture, expressions, habits, people, language and a lot more


Unlimted access and the flexibility to learn whenever you want and whereever you want

This is what it lookes like

It's time to get your German to the next level

Don't waste time and keep being stuck at your current German level. 

Go to the next level in less than 20 minutes per day while listening in German.

  • Why should I be part of this program?
    There is a lot of German courses out there. However, many of them focus on grammar and teach in an inefficient method. They give your word lists without context, hold lectures about topics and let you fill quizzes or gap texts. None of that prepares you for real German in real life. In that program, you will get the essential things in 100 highly realistic chapters. You will get the vocabulary in context and you will practice it speaking with interactive exercises.
  • Is the access to the program unlimited?
    Yes! Once you enrolled in that program, you can access it whenever you want in the future. You will have your personal login and the access is unlimited.
  • Is this course live?
    No! This program is designed for your maximum flexibility. You can learn whenever you want and wherever you want. You will receive all the things you need to reach your goal, including interactive exercises where you can practice speaking.
  • How can I pay?
    The payment works with Credit Cards (Visa, Master, American Express) and PayPal.
  • Is the price a one time fee?
    Yes! You pay once and get unlimited access to the program. You also have the option to split the fee.
  • Can I split the price?
    Yes! You can split the price if you don't want to pay the entire amount right now. The fee will then be paid automatically for 3 months. You will get access to the the entire course right now.
  • How long do I need to finish one chapter?
    No more than 30 minutes. The course is designed for busy people who don't have time for hours of classes in their busy schedule. You can easily integrate it into your routine.
  • What level is the program for?
    This program provides high value for German students at all levels. As a beginner, you can go through it from the beginning till the end. As an intermediate or advanced student, you will find much useful vocabulary that helps you in your daily life. I talked to many students who finished courses on a B2 level and yet were not able to do the essentials in daily situations. This course will solve that problem for you.
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