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Do you want to be so fluent in German that it leaves everyone around you impressed?

Is that you when it comes to German?

You've been learning German for a while now.

You know basic grammar. You know basic words. 

You are able to speak. Basically. 


BUT now you are at this point where you don’t get ahead. 

You reached a plateau and you wonder:

How do I make my German sound better? How do I get closer to native level?


How do I learn more words to speak more secure? 

And how on earth do I fit this into my busy schedule?

Guten Tag.
Ich bin Thomas.

Here is your solution.

You might know me from Instagram, YouTube or TikTok. 

I am a German teacher.


But even more important, I am a language learner myself

I have been learning English, Spanish and Portuguese. 


In each of these languages, I have come to that exact point I just described.


Good news is that I have overcome that plateau. 


And now I will help you to do the same with your German. 

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It is like a podcast.

Just better.

The vocabulary course provides you more than 100 episodes with more than 1000 minutes of audio material to boost your German.


With each of these episodes, you will get 2 PDF documents with the transcript of what I say in the episode, with an English translation right next to it and certain words further explained in different contexts.


That is what it looks like.

Here are the simple activities you would have to do:

You listen to your daily episode.

At the same time, you learn new words and expression with the transcript and English translation right next to it.

You take a look at the explanations.


That's it! You are done in less than 20 minutes per day.

You move on with whatever you are doing without worrying more about German today.

Imagine how your German would be in a few weeks from now if you start that routine today.

Get yourself unlimited access to more than 100 episodes.

Learn about Germany, German culture and many other things.

Improve your German vocabulary.

Be more confident.


How do I know the vocabulary course is for me?

If you want to boost your German vocabulary while learning interesting things about Germany and other things rather than boring vocabulary learning, this course is for you. 


Do I have to use the course every day to succeed? 

No! It is recommended that you use the episodes as regularly as possible to improve your German. Nevertheless, these episodes are made for you to work on them at your own pace. 


What are the payment options?

You can pay for the course via credit card (Stripe) or PayPal.


Is the payment for the course secure?

Yes! The payment is done through payment providers (Stripe or PayPal). I do not have your data at any time. 


Is the vocabulary course also suitable for beginners? 

No! The episodes are exclusively in German and the topics are advanced. One transcript does have a direct English translation, but you should already be at B1 level or higher. 


I already speak German very well. Is the vocabulary course for me? 

Yes! I talk about really all kinds of topics. So you will learn a lot of useful words even if you are very advanced.


How long do I have access to the course? 

The access is unlimited. 


Do I have to pay once, or is it a subscription?

You only pay once. That's it!


What topics are talked about in the episodes? 

About all kinds of topics that have to do with Germany, but also about other topics. Just have a look below. There you will find all topics. 

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