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Master German Prepositions, Articles and Cases

Never struggle with Akkusativ and Dativ again

Finally, understand German prepositions, articles and cases

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You want to understand the different meanings of German prepositions and use them without problems when you speak

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You want a simple solution to your problems with articles and understand how to remember the  correct gender of words

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You want to stop the headache with nominative, accusative, dative and genitive. You want to just understand it.

Do you know these problems?

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You learn German for a while but still have problems with Dative, Accusative and Genitive 

a nicht verstehen deutsch.png

You are still confused about the different prepositions and all their different meanings

learn german frustration_edited.png

dem, den, des, ihn, ihm, ihnen are still a problem for you a want to solve that problem

The course comes with: 


Over 40 videos with clear instructions to solve your problems with Akkusativ, Dativ and Prepositions


Handouts for each chapter with explanations in German and English


You get simple and easy explanations to finally understand the mistery of articles, cases and prepositions.


Unlimted access and the flexibility to learn whenever you want and whereever you want.

Get unlimited access today and learn whenever you want

Stop your problems with the things you struggle the most with


Finally, understand the things that confused you for a long time.

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